Very Well Organized and Conducted

“The CDD I work for used Kelly for the CPR/First Aid & AED course.  The training was very well organized and conducted in  a logical order. The most important aspects were highlighted and reviewed by Kelly so they were easily retained.  We had two sessions to accommodate both shifts and the instructors were personable and very friendly.  It was not boring at all, contrary to previous courses and CPR training  I have attended.  I would definitely recommend Kelly and Focus on Fitness to anyone interested in taking these courses.”

CPR Training

“I completed this training on Saturday and just wanted to tell you how wonderful this husband and wife team really are. This has had to be one of the best CPR/First Aid trainings I have been to. They really took the time to make sure everyone in class had an understanding of the whole CPR with Adults, children & infants.

– Diane

Fitness and Health

“Although difficult the first few weeks on the program, the end result is amazing…and I feel great! It is a wonderful feeling to finally fit back into those smaller sizes. The ultimate challenge, of course, is to stay on track to attain and maintain a healthy lean body mass. My cholesterol is way down and the fat continues to melt away. Exercise has always been part of my daily regime, but having the guidance from my Ideal Protein Coach on proper eating habits has made a world of difference. Thank you so much, Kelly!”


“Kelly is MOTIVATION with a SMILE! Always positive, she makes sure to push you to achieve your goals.”


“Thank you Kelly for being a “star” in my life these past 8 1/2 years….as my motivator, personal trainer, confidant and friend, and now my weight management and wellness advisor. Through you, I have learnbed the importance of exercise and balanced nutrition. I have lost 18 lbs on the Ideal Protein program and I feel great. Mine is a success story because of you. Thank you for what you do for me and all others who are priviliged to learn from “you. ”

-Lily Ana

“I have had excellent results training with Kelly! She has shown me that what you eat is just as important as how you exercise. She really pushes you to your limits and then you find you are able to do more than you ever imagined! I recommend Kelly to anyone who wants to achieve their fitness potential. Kelly is the best!

– Jennifer

“There are not enough words to thank Kelly. She knows exactly what to do to accomplish any of your fitness goals.”

– Claudia

“I learned so much from Kelly, she is not only my trainer but a teacher. She taught me how to change my life, not just follow a routine. She taught me to plan my meals, choose the right foods and how to make exercise fun. She has changed my life.”