Weight Management

At Focus on Fitness we understand a weight-loss journey can be challenging and also rewarding. We have many options from Ideal Protein (Weight Loss Protocol), Nutritional coaching,  and fitness involvement to fit your needs.

Nutritional Coaching

Together we will develop a plan for healthy eating. We will determine the vitamins and minerals that are required for your optimum health. I will guide you through the process and help you get through hurdles along the way. Get started today by contacting us!

Ideal Protein

The Ideal Protein weight loss method consists of a four phase protocol: weight loss in the first two phases (until 90% of your weight loss goal has been achieved), and maintenance in the later two. Foods are available in over 40 delicious flavors, have a high biological value, are low in calories, low in fat and contain eight essential amino acids. The Ideal Protein protocol not only ensures weight loss, but also stabilization of blood sugar levels and other weight gain/obesity related issues. Ideal Protein products also support cellulite reduction and skin revitalization.

The Ideal Protein Diet Can Help You:

  • Lose 2-5 pounds per week (of primarily unhealthy fat)
  • Maintain muscle mass
  • Tone and revitalize skin
  • Support cellulite reduction
  • Increase vitality and energy
  • Suppress appetite naturally, assisting with weight loss
  • Re-establish healthy pancreatic function

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One on one personal training sessions available. Male and Female Trainers. Days, nights and weekends available. OUR training Studio or YOURS. Full and half sessions available. Pricing for groups too! Call for Pricing. Group Fitness classes including, Fitness Bootcamp, Zumba, Yoga and kickboxing. $10 per class no registration, contracts or sign up fees. Also, Hit Fit by Derek, High engery, full body, Interval/circuit/cross fit type of training. Individual and small group classes. Get started today by contacting us!