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Weight loss is not an act, but a habit. Find out why this #1 Prepared Weight Loss meal Plan is used by over 2,500 Personal Trainers across the Country! Find out more about The Astonishing Power of Routines by clicking here.

Very Typical Results!

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It’s Not YOU, it’s the Food!

Eat the Right food, Get the Right results… 10-20lbs your first 2 weeks!

Please excuse our candor… The diet food industry has beautiful food pictures with fancy enticing names plus plenty of ‘success stories’. But it’s the customer reorder rate that paints the true picture of taste, the value and simplicity of the program plus the results achieved from eating the food. None of our competitors want to talk about these… we do!

Personal Trainer Food has a reorder rate of almost 70% while ALL of our competitors are less than 25% (most are less than 15%). Simply put, if a customer likes the program, they reorder.

In order for you to succeed you must have a PLAN and the food MUST be simple, tasty, affordable and deliver results. Otherwise you will fail. We encourage and teach our customers how and what to eat one meal at a time, using great food. We also provide you with the EXACT STEPS to succeed. This eventually becomes habit which leads to a life of change. Eating is 90% of the battle and we prepare you for the war.

We also offer the ONLY true, no hassles 100% money back guarantee plus we do not auto bill or auto ship like our competitors because our food is so good. Are we confident you will like our food? You bet we are. Our reorder rate and 100% guarantee proves it!